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Limo Party Packages are a Specialty of Land Yacht Limos, “Your local limo network!”

We know how to organize a great party, event or romantic getaway. We help you by giving you the best designed limo and party bus packages with service from top local limo providers.

We are experts at designing the best itineraries for wine tours, birthdays, ladies nights out and romantic getaways! We assist you in every step from deciding where to go, knowing what to expect when you get there. We you assist further by making reservations, designing a party package and choosing a high demand vehicle and top limo operator from a local partner network of the best in your area! All at company direct pricing!

That’s why we have created exclusive theme based “Party Packages” built around your chosen event or party theme with all the ingredients you need to impress your guests or significant other and create the event you will never forget!

Here are a sampling of our Land Yacht Limos “Party Packages” where one price covers everything you need for your next party or event.

Party Packages for Romantic Themes you might be interested in include:

Romantic Getaway Package, Wine and Roses Package, Dinner on The Town Package, Ultimate Anniversary Romance Package, Gourmet Wine Tasting Package, Wine and Chocolates Package, and Red Carpet Wedding Package,

Party Packages for Fun Days and Wild Nightlife:

Wine Tasting Party Package, Girls Night Out Party Package, Bachelorette Party Package, Beach Party Package, Bachelor Party Package, Prom Party Package, Mardi Gras Party Package, Cinco de Mayo Party Package, and Sweet 16 Party Package

Here’s a sampling of what you can get in each Party Package designed specifically for your event or party theme:

Theme Itinerary Design – We help you choose the absolutely best destinations for your stop offs while touring in the Limo or Party bus based on the theme. If it is romance you want we know the best places to catch a sunset or propose to your honey. If it is wild fun you are looking for we get you to the front of the line in the hottest nightclubs and venues with VIP privileges and priority seating in most cases!

Theme Decorations – We can arrange to decorate the Limo or Party Bus with appropriate decorations on the inside and slogans on the outside with most network providers which makes the event special and is great for taking pictures of your event and guests which are also included!

Snacks and Finger Foods – It is always a good idea to include some snacks and finger foods for your Land Yacht party or event cruise especially if you are booking 3 or more hours and alcohol might be consumed during the trip. Your guests will really appreciate not getting hungry between stops and we have just the snacks and finger foods they will love! Some providers allow food in the vehicles and some do not but in any event we will prepare a place for you to have snacks or picnics such as when you are wine tasting.

Champagne and Wine – Our providers do not sell wine or alcohol on-board but many do include  a limited number of complimentary welcome shots or a toast of wine champagne or alcohol when you purchase certain themed Party Packages. These libations are a gift to you as way of saying “Thanks for booking a Party Package for your event with Land Yacht Limos local limo network provider” Because we are the leaders in designing wine tasting tours we have access to the very best selections of wines and champagnes from all of the local wineries. (Note: drinking age limits are strictly enforced by our network drivers and no under age drinking will be tolerated a limo or party bus at any time!)

Beverages – Our packages can include ice cold bottled water, sodas, juices, and Sparkling Cider or Sparkling Juices for the 21 and under age crowd and guests who prefer not to consume alcohol. We frequently include micro-brewed root beer and boutique soda-pop selections as well as these are very popular with younger guests. With enough time for planning we can even have custom labels designed and placed on your Sparkling Cider or Juices that recognize the event or party with a theme logo! Custom labeled bottles can also be given out to guests as a memento of your fantastic event or party!

Party Souvenirs Keepsakes– Your guests will love that you thought to give them a party souvenir or keepsake. For a romantic event this might be engraved wine glasses from the winery you visited together. For wilder events such as Mardi Gras or Bachelorette parties this might be Mardi Gras Beads and Themed Tiaras! The Party Package can include professional quality photos for your group and individuals along with an attractive party theme frame with your event attractively printed on the frames. This is a great way to see your guests again and give them their framed photos afterward the party or event!

Party Games – One of the best ways to get your guests in a party mood and ensure everyone is having fun is to play some fun games while you are traveling between stops and also during stops! We have collected some of the funnest games based on the theme of your event or party and provide you with “Game Cue Cards” so you can run the games like a pro!

Event/Party Badges – The event themed “Party Badge” is a fun and smart way so all of your guests can know everyone’s name and have the theme of your event or party right on the badge

Event Photography Package – A picture is worth a thousand words and we make that a reality with your Party Package purchase. Our driver will take up to 100 quality pictures using a camera you bring and your choice of photo settings. These can be alongside the Limo or Party bus as a group, inside the Nightclub dancing or in front of your scenic destination such as the beach winery or sunset. You are the boss and you choose the shots. Our network drivers will suggest certain shots based on his or her experience of getting memorable pictures and the favorites of past guests.

Premium Party Package Costs – Custom made party favors, games, custom labeled beverages, picture frames, flowers, and other special requests all take a little extra time and do cost extra to get added to the package. While a ton of great party package features come standard from most of our network operators, if you want the best of the best just let us know and we will design the party package thats right for your group and have it quoted for you separate from the limo service package.