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8 Great Tips for choosing a wedding Limousine company:

Style is the first factor to think about when shopping around for a wedding limo. It does not necessarily mean the physical style of the limo, but also take into whole wedding environment into consideration as a big picture. Where and when and how many people and the procedure are some aspects affecting the limo you use.
It can be a detractor if the bride arrives in a limousine with a style and color that completely clashes with her wedding dress. White is a great color for most wedding limos.

2. Size matters: Limo size is determining factor so you want to choose the limousine which can actually hold the total number of passengers. You should know clearly how many passengers will ride in each limo. Some couples like to ride alone in the limo while guests might ride in a party bus or second limo. Land Yacht Limos local limo network of providers can meet your needs no matter the number of passengers that you have. We have wide choice of large SUV limos in our network including executive coaches and super party buses.

There are few couples that have an infinite budget, and many may think that hiring a stretch limousine in San Francisco Bay area will blow the wedding budget, which is just a myth. We will help you find a limo that is not only a wonderful limo but also likely to come within your budget because we have all types wedding limousines available at many different prices from top rated local operators.

4. Usage of Limousine: How would you like to use the limo exactly? Are you planing use it only from your residential location to a hotel or church in such case not that many guests will need the ride in limo? Or do you need limo to pick up guests from their residence or airport? Or do you need limo standing by and may be needed as a backdrop in the wedding photo shot?
We are experienced with planning and booking multiple vehicle weddings and you can choose the package of services to meet your needs no matter what kind usage you are needing.

It is useless to have an excellent limo with great price but it comes with muddy floor and an hour late. Your wedding is not the right time to call customer service for the wrong vehicle or late arrival. The service is more important than the price and limo itself.
We at Land Yacht Limos work hard for you to provide an overall outstanding service.

6. Reserve early: It is always good idea to reserve your limo service for your wedding as early as possible because there will be more available limos for you to pick from when you do book in advance. If you try to book your limo only a few days before your wedding, you will likely face having a limited inventory of available limos, and last minute rates can be higher.

Check out extra services and count that into the total price. Some limo service providers my provide free wine, or free red carpet service, or put free decorations in place for you. Please ask what kind extra service the limo company can provide and what is the charge for that service. Land Yacht Limos network operators provide many extra service items without charging extra, but to be sure please make note of extra services when price quotes.

8. Keep communication channel open: When service provider and package is selected and agreement is reached, you should keep the communication channel open. You will be provided direct access to your limo operator and their chosen chauffeur including their contact information, and the dispatcher’s contact information. You should also submit the daily schedule for your wedding so that the limo company and driver know where to go and when to get there. Ideally, you should also include a back up plan for your limo service plan for your wedding for example to be prepared for bad road and weather conditions.

Let us know if we can help you in planning for and choosing your wedding limo package and provider from your local limo network of high demand vehicles and top rated providers!